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You dare

You want to be the best you can.
You are consistently looking for new ways to connect to the world.
You seek inspiration and inspire others in return.
You are not afraid to make big decisions, reach big goals and take big responsibilities.
Look no further! We are in tune with your ambitions.

We care

Customers are at the heart of our business.
Allianz Partners has become the world’s leading B2B2C player by uniting the forces of three business giants: Allianz Assistance, Allianz Automotive and Allianz Care.
So much stronger together, we truly help companies offer their customers the best services possible.
The future is full of opportunities for us and you.

Our connection

We don’t just hire people, we nourish them and invest in their careers.
Your development and our growth go hand in hand.
To foster your talent, we encourage you to unleash your potential and innovate. That’s how we help today’s best talents become tomorrow’s great leaders.
Kick-start your career and join the home for those who dare.

Discover new horizons

Are you ready to travel across different continents to discover the heart of our business?

Right from the beginning, your talent will be put to work and you’ll take on important responsibilities. That means getting real hands-on experience and having a significant impact on our business.

You will have a knowledgeable business mentor by your side to help you sharpen your skills and discover your potential. Get ready to learn something new every day and exceed your own expectations!

Our graduate program is the perfect way to kick-start your career, whether you are joining us straight from university or from another company. Bring your ambitions and together we will achieve them.

This is how we invest in your future.

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Are you made for it ?


We open our doors to open minds. To individuals who embrace change and are always ready to try new things. To citizens of the world, who love to discover new opportunities and new people. The kind of people who think fast, and act even faster. Who act on their own initiative and are not afraid to fail and start again and again. Being creative is no longer an option. It’s vital.

Do you know how to seize opportunities?


When you push your boundaries, you learn a lot about yourself.

We are looking for people with a can-do attitude who can overcome every obstacle in their way, for selfstarters who love a challenge and who want to make a positive impact on the world.

Are you full of life and energy?


A successful team needs great team players.

People who are not afraid to voice their own ideas and encourage others to do the same.
People with a positive outlook who can bring out the best in those they work with. There is more to a great career than what they teach at college. We will equip you with the skills and techniques you need to succeed.

Are you ready to learn new things?

Your journey


    You will start your journey at the Global Office in Paris where you will work among our 300 friendly and welcoming employees in our spacious open-plan office. From here, we support our local units worldwide in the coordination and implementation of global projects and strategic initiatives. During your time here, you will gain a global insight into our core areas of expertise which include automotive, international health & life, travel insurance, assistance and direct sales. You’ll also meet your sponsor who, along with your local mentors, will provide you with support and guidance throughout your journey. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


    You’ll feel at home with our 170 dynamic employees in Prague. Present for more than 15 years on the Czech and Slovak markets, we specialize in providing information and assistance to customers in many different industries. You’ll understand why we are No. 1 in extended warranty and accidental damage. You’ll also enjoy all the great benefits of our Work Well program.

  • USA

    In Richmond, Virginia, you’ll work with our 700 associates who insure 18 million people every year. Every day we help travelers and manage medical emergencies and evacuations. We are leaders in consumer specialty insurance and assistance thanks to our many innovations: partnerships with major US airlines, event ticket protection, sports registration protection and tuition insurance.


    Based just 10 minutes away from Brisbane, with branches all over the country, you’ll join more than 700 employees across 7 different divisions. By the end of 2015, we made more than €300 million in revenue, doubling our business in just five years. You’ll get to know our innovative products for students and customer data management. And also our big Corporate Social Responsibility program.


    Located in Milan and Casarano, you’ll be part of a workforce of almost 700 employees. Our main area of business is travel. You’ll discover Globy, our very innovative product for travel agencies. We handle more than 3 million calls and cases. With a turnover of €130 million in 2014, we are growing by more than 10% per year. We also have many great programs for the benefit of our employees, like Moms@Works.


    India was incorporated in June 2007 and has three offices in the Delhi NCR region. Our unit has a unique and valuable offering in connecting people in need with professionals who can help. We are the pioneers in Roadside Assistance and are establishing ourselves as corporate agent in providing Travel Insurance. We have also branched out in offering assistance services like Travel Medical Assistance, Appliance Protection, Mobile Protection, Automotive CRM catering to both inbound and outbound services and Financial Shared Services.


    Located in Ireland, Dublin, you’ll be part of a workforce of 863 employees. As the international health experts our focus is on addressing the health and wellbeing protection needs of clients worldwide. Here you will have a chance to provide excellent service to multifaceted global customer base and enjoy the great benefits of our Work Well program.

"Everyone should be challenged. That’s why we need your talent, your passion, but also your ideas and your willingness to make them a reality."

Rémi Grenier
CEO of Allianz Partners



For further information about our group, check out our website.



At Allianz Partners, evolution is in our DNA. Our clients’ businesses change. Their customers’ and employees’ lives change too. So we embrace change to serve them better. And we’ll continue pushing boundaries to make simple, even simpler. Say hello to our new name: we are Allianz Partners!


Caring is in our DNA. Find key figures about Allianz Partners.



Introduction to Allianz Care

If you want to know more about our products and services, check our website.

Discover Allianz Assistance

For as many different possibilities and scenarios as there are people, we’re here to help you out of a difficult situation, throughout the world, around the corner, or in your own home.

Number crunching

The Automotive Innovation Center is the Allianz competence center & innovation engine for all topics related to Automotive Mobility. We conceptualize, test and implement innovative business models, products and processes and bring ideas to life. Find out more about Automotive Mobility here.

Allianz Automotive

Allianz Automotive is the leading strategic partner of automotive manufacturers in the provision of insurance and mobility services, currently working with over 40 car brands in more than 30 countries. Watch this video to find out more about the future of Automotive Mobility and car insurance, core topics at the heart of Allianz Automotive’s business model. To find out more about our products and services check our website.

Key figures

44 M
cases handled (in 2016)
7 . 3 BN
17 , 500

A global family

"I am constantly impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise and look forward to the next steps."

Angeline Bitar

"I had the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the company’s value chain, develop my professional skills and be exposed to our global leaders and inspiring colleagues from all over the world. I can say that the WGP has been an extremely enriching experience from both a professional and personal point of view."

Edoardo Fornasiero

"This graduate program is exceeding my expectations in all senses, from the projects we are getting to work on to the people I get to work with. I feel privilege to work on something that has a direct impact on people’s life."

Pedro Donoso

Selection process

  • 1 • APPLY

    Send us your full CV, a cover letter and a few words about yourself before the 14th March 2018.


    If your profile is right, you’ll have a structured phone or video interview with our recruiter to evaluate your qualifications, background and motivation.


    Then you’ll have face-to-face or video interview with our Global Talent Acquisition team. Our advice: be yourself! We want to know you, your values and what you expect from us. We’ll also tell you everything about the program.


    At this stage, you’ll go to our Global Office in Paris for the one Day Challenge in May. You’ll work with other applicants on a business case to assess your team spirit but also your individual talent: your agility, your ability to work in a fast-changing environment and in a matrix organization, as well as your leadership potential. You’ll also have the chance to meet our senior business leaders and our CEO. They’ll challenge your business acumen and talk about the future of our company.

  • 5 • OUR OFFER

    Once all candidates have been seen, we’ll give you our final decision. If it’s positive, you’ll quickly receive a written offer. Get ready to start in October!

The application process for the Worldwide Graduate Program 2018 is closed!

Thank you for the applications, if you have submitted before the 14th of March our recruiters will do their best to limit any delay and keep in touch with you soon.